Thursday, January 13, 2011

A wet, wet day...perfect for sewing

It's done nothing but rain ALL day. 

I've set myself a goal this year to create as many things, of which I could sell at a market, out of my stash.  I'm pleased to say I've made a start.  After working at my paid job for the last 4 days I finally had a day to finish the bag I've been making over the past few evenings. The fabric I used was left overs from the christmas quilt I made towards the end of last year, however, I must admit I did have to purchase a little bit extra for the lining.   The design I made up as I went, it really was determined by how much fabric I had.  The flower I just made up after seeing the lady in the local sewing shop making something similar.

Next on made list guessed it, another bag!  I really loved the flower idea, so I want to make another one.  Hoping to finish it over the next day or so.

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tamsin said...

wow just gorgeous. how much in green and brown, got any in your stash? love tam.