Sunday, May 27, 2012

What my 'Brother' has been up to...

Boy oh boy, has my 'Brother' been busy today...

I'm SO in love with these,
so in love that I couldn't even wait to take decent photo's (sorry). 
Yes, don't look quite square, can asure you they are.
Pillows probably not the best place to lay them for photo's. 
(make note for next time)



Friday, May 18, 2012


When all else fails it's good to re-visit some old designs and give it a revamp.


If you think you've seen it before that's because it's from one of my early quilt designs, my
'HOPE'  quilt.

This block is for the people who are our 'links'...our family, our dearest of friends.   There love is often what keep us together.

So when asked by a dear friend to come up with a block for a friendship quilt I figured this should fit the bill.

It's to go with this one...

A re-visit to the past...

I designed this block a couple of years ago for a quilt I was going to use as a prize in a raffle for 'Relay for Life', but when my workplace decided not to put a team in I hung on to it.  It now has a new home with a friend whom is battling cancer.