Thursday, February 23, 2012

Todays craft...

Just a quick post.

This is what I made this afternoon, after work, picking kids up and whilst cooking tea.
(surprise myself sometimes)
A little something for a much bigger project - can't tell, it's a surprise!!!

Happy sewing

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Block 2 done...

Something to share for the week.  Block 2 of Jenny of Elefantz's BOM.

Love, love, love it...

Just got to wait till 3rd of next month for next block....Hmmmmmm, what to do now????

Happy sewing

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Just a quick post to show what I've been upto. 

After getting myself all organised for Jenny's BOM I've made a decent start and finished, YES finished, Block 1.

Oh, yes,  It does look slightly different than Jenny's as I wanted to add my own little touch to it and insert my own sayings.  (sure Jenny won't mind).  I've always loved the "Love is..." theme, as love can be described in so many ways.  And yes I've had plenty of help from my facebook friends with their ideas of what "love is...".  This one came from a dear old friend of mine who was glad to stand by my side when I was married 20 years ago,  so a HUGH Thank you to Kelly.

Can hardly wait to get started on Block 2, will share when I can.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh, MOJO, so nice to see you again!

Just a few weeks ago my Mum had spoke of a brand new Quilting Shop opening in the main street of her home town.  Having not dared to enter for fear of wanting to buy everything in there, I decided maybe she needed a little encouragement, and maybe someone to look after her purse!

Oh, Wow, wow wow wow!!!
What a gorgeous shop.

Couldn't help myself,  had to make a purchase
(maybe mum should have looked after my purse!)

What beautiful fabrics, so fresh and modern.

  So here I am with my four little fat quarters and no idea what to make...
The floor is covered with magazines and quilting books with me in an almost mad panic trying to find something to do, determined I'd be starting something that night.

Then in my trusty 501 Quilt Blocks book I come across 'Snail Trail'. Perfect!  I'd seen a quilt made from these blocks not that long ago and admired it then.  Great, something quick and easy (sort of), and before I knew it my MOJO's back.
It's 8pm on Friday night and here I am cutting and sewing!

You know you've got your Mojo when  its late and time for bed and all you can think is, 'what if I do just one more little bit'
Then you come to this realisation that every one's gone to bed (some having to work the next day) and the sound of my machine trudging away wasn't going to down to well, besides there was no way I was going to get it finished that night.  So I off to bed I went with the brain still counting stitches.

 Nevermind, here I was 7.30 next morning back at it, before I knew it, it's lunchtime and I'm finished!

What do you think?  I love it, love the colours, love the size, love that it was a quick finish, just what I needed to get myself back into sewing.

Before I go just wanted to do a quick share,
a couple of weeks ago I decided to commit myself to a block of the month, something I've never done before.  But I came across this BOM at Jenny of Elefantz blog

Click below to access the blocks each month!

An excited me has all my fabric and threads and is pleased to announce a start has been made!

I have the fabric...

Strips are all cut...

And all organised!

If you've managed to read this far down well done, I do tend to babble when I get going.
Hope to share again soon.