Sunday, December 16, 2012

'Fluttering Wings' Quilt is now a 'FINISHED'!

It's finished!!!

Firstly, I don't own a 'STASH'.  Never have done.  The best I have is a box of  'Leftovers'.  You see I'm a great one for only buying what I need when I need it. 

So, whilst wandering thru the local Spotlight store I spotted this Panel print from Wilmington Prints called 'Fluttering Wings'.  That was it, the start of my 'Stash'.  After purchasing 2 panels and a couple of meters of corresponding fabric I was off home.  Quite proud of myself, I put the fabric away with thoughts of keeping it and coming back to it next year.
That's what you do with a 'Stash', find something you like, buy it and put it away...isn't it?

Well, here's to say it got the better of me. I googled the name of the fabric and what should I find... A free project from 'The Quilter Magazine'.  Sooo much for the 'STASH'! 

A bit more googling and I have a collection of 'Fluttering Wing' fabric.  A little bit of twigging with the pattern to enlarge it to Queensize, some matching pillow shams and cushions and wah la, done!

I just love it. 


 If your interested in the pattern you can find it HERE.

 Ummm, what next!!

Oh yes before I go, I want you to meet Jonty before she heads to her new home

Thanks for visiting

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Ok, it would be fair to say I'm just a tad excited about this one...

Off to my Longarm Quilter, Pam on Monday.

Happy crafting


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Just loving this time of the year, if only there were a few more hours in the day.
I've got a few finishes to share and a couple of works in progress...


 Advent Calender panel bought from Cranberry Crafts

Christmas Bon Bons, each with guests name tags.

Chrissy Cards


Last block from Jenny's BOM

and a little something for me, what will be my new quilt for my bed.

And I can't go without some garden pics...

Hoping your getting those Christmas projects underway,

Have a great day


Saturday, September 22, 2012

School holiday finishes...

I had promised my 10 yr old daughter prior to the holidays that we'd make something together using the sewing machine,
this is what we came up with...

The preparing stage...

The designing stage...

Sewing stage...

Got to love the double foot action!

Still sewing...

Look what I made...a bunting

Some clipping...

More ironing...

it's fair to say it was at about at this stage that the novelty had worn off and it was mums turn.

And we now have a finish, what do you think?

Complete with those all important pockets for those 'special' things,

I think she's proud of her (our) work.

I did manage to get a few other things done during the holidays including some gardening.

I had this really daggy part in my garden which was crying out for some attention.  You see I like my succulents and cacti.  But, because they're in such small pots they get terribly messy and I wasn't sure what to do with them, until I found an idea from my local hardware store. 


I've also got myself a little more organised and taken some photos of my kaliedoscope quilt which I had started in a previous post,

Love the quilting from our local long arm quilter, Pam Jarmen.  Think Mia's happy with it too...

Wow, I really did have alot to share.  Till next time


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spring projects

The things we do!

It's school holidays, so I've taken some time off work to look after and spend some quality time with number3. 
Day one was yesterday and we had the morning out, drinks at our favourite, Cafe Bliss, then movies it was to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (wasn't  my choice but so glad we went...FUNNY!!!)  We then picked up number2 from work for lunch, and then it was home and time for craft.

We had chosen a special project just for the holidays where number3 could use my sewing machine for the first time.  We had gone to spotlight last Saturday and picked out the fabric.

Oooooh, will stop there, will share more when project is finished.

Day two (today), and it's a beautiful Spring day. 

I had hoped to have been able to tackle this spot at some stage while I'm off, so today was the day.
(what's the saying...'Make hay while the sun shines'!)

I really didn't know what to do, so into town I went to find some inspiration...

and look what I found at the local hardware store...Perfect!

Off I went to buy some blocks, timber and paint...

and this is what I came up with...

What do you think?

Now day three???
Oh yeah, more sewing with number2 and that special project.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June...lots of shares...



Made these a couple of months ago, but been unable to share till now...

I'm now a first time Great Aunty, as we welcomed my Nephew and his lovely wifes' baby,
Cora Ellen.
It's so much fun to be able to spoil her with a few of my makes.

I bought some gorgeous Lilly & Will II fabric from Designs by Fee and made these.

Of which I added to my growing collection of buntings.  Then with one of my dearest friends, Tamsin, we went for little drive to a couple of her favourite outlets and we sold them.  Couldn't be happier, thanks Tam.

While we were out and about we dropped into the Linx Cafe for coffee.  From the size of my treat we quickly learn't it dosn't pay to tell them your on a diet. We had the biggest giggle so I wanted to share...
(by the way, the teaspoon of sugars NOT MINE)

I finished Mays BOM from Jenny's Promises & Borders BOM
(yes, a little late)

  But I have managed to finish Junes BOM.

Please don't look too carefully, it's not quite right.  I do remember my Mum telling me one of the fundamental rules to quilting is...'measure twice, cut once'!  as you can see, I never was a very good student.
It's not centered!!!
AND, the flowers are supposed to be purple not blue.


So instead of starting all over I got a little creative and added to my tree.  It's a little more balanced now, however I know it's not right, so who knows' it still may get redone.

Lastly, a finish for today.  'Lizzy Geese' Mug Rugs, a gift for my daughter's upcoming birthday.  Something she can add to her 'Glory Box'.

Whilst in my travels yesterday I called into The Fabric Parcel in Wynyard (absolutely worth calling into). It was here that I came accross the Westalee Rulers and Templates and couldn't help myself, I had to take home the Pinwheel Block Set.  (I see it as an investment).  This set alone enables me to create more than 80 different blocks.

Dosn't the 'Dizzy Geese' look great, idealy they are meant to stitched together to form one block, however I have a little thing for 'Mug Rugs' and figgured they'd be perfect.

Ok, that's June done. 
 I've been busy afterall...