Sunday, December 16, 2012

'Fluttering Wings' Quilt is now a 'FINISHED'!

It's finished!!!

Firstly, I don't own a 'STASH'.  Never have done.  The best I have is a box of  'Leftovers'.  You see I'm a great one for only buying what I need when I need it. 

So, whilst wandering thru the local Spotlight store I spotted this Panel print from Wilmington Prints called 'Fluttering Wings'.  That was it, the start of my 'Stash'.  After purchasing 2 panels and a couple of meters of corresponding fabric I was off home.  Quite proud of myself, I put the fabric away with thoughts of keeping it and coming back to it next year.
That's what you do with a 'Stash', find something you like, buy it and put it away...isn't it?

Well, here's to say it got the better of me. I googled the name of the fabric and what should I find... A free project from 'The Quilter Magazine'.  Sooo much for the 'STASH'! 

A bit more googling and I have a collection of 'Fluttering Wing' fabric.  A little bit of twigging with the pattern to enlarge it to Queensize, some matching pillow shams and cushions and wah la, done!

I just love it. 


 If your interested in the pattern you can find it HERE.

 Ummm, what next!!

Oh yes before I go, I want you to meet Jonty before she heads to her new home

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Anonymous said...

Looks real good,quite different colours in your bedroom and also where may I ask is Jonty going?

Anonymous said...

wow nellie your quilt is fantastic ,well done and little Jonty is so cute.xx

Allie said...

It is STUNNING!~!! Really beautiful, hon, well done! And Jonty is adorable, love her little dress and headband!