Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring 2011

Now is the time...  It's been a while since my last post, it's not that I don't get on and check out everyone elses', I just feel I don't have the time to do my own, we go, this one is for
Amys' Bloggers' Quilt Festival Spring 2011.

I made this quilt November 2010 and haven't as yet shared it with blogland, till now. 

I wanted to create something of my own which would express the things I love...

I actually designed this quilt with the thought that I would raffle it to raise money for Relay For Life.  Hence the inspirational blocks.  I wanted something that would be suitable for someone who had been touched in someway by an illness would give them comfort in so many ways.
The pharmacy I was working with at the time had entered a team in the previous fundraising advent and I was mainly responsible for raising money at that time.  However, the staff had since decided not to enter in the next one and I was unsure what I would do with the finished product.

Each block was carefully put together with much thought to detail.  Designed on my computer, traced with a light box, embroidered and appliqued all by hand.  Then machine pieced together and finished off by hand quilting in the ditch.

The broken heart pieced together

Let go and let fly

The good luck four leafed Clover

The links of loved ones


This quilt has a very special hold on me and I know that one day it will give back what I've put into it.  I learnt so much more than just improving my techniques of embroidery and quilting.  Its one of the first quilts that I designed myself, giving me the confidence that maybe one day I can spend more time coming up with my own designs and showing more of my creative side.