Friday, April 20, 2012

It's FRIDAY...Free time!!!

Yeah, it's Friday!!!  How I do love my Fridays, they're my day, my only day off during the week with kids (and hubby) either at school or work.  It gives me just a few hours to do what I please.  I don't usually try to plan to do much, it allows then for the unexpected, like today.

After doing my usual drop offs to take one daughter to work and the other to school, doing the run-around for some screws my eldest had requested for his computer (don't ask!) I finally ended up back home.  As I entered the front entry I was greeted by a rather awful looking package. Mia my beloved dog had obviously been unwell while I was gone.  After trying to work out which end it had come from, (and cleaning it up)  I pondered for a few minutes.  What should I do? You see Mia's been unwell off and on for some months now, mainly with being off her food, vomiting and having her tummy make the loudest squirmy noises.  But all of these would only last a few minutes or hours and then she would seem fine.  So what was different today?  There was the smallest touch of blood...panic!!!  This is it, I can't keep putting it off any longer...Vet...I'm on my way.

Gosh it's awful the stress we put ourselves under.  Thinking the vets going to give me the worst news I manage to get myself worked up to the point where I wonder if I need to book myself in too.  As it happens, Mia could be suffering from 'Inflammation Bowel Disease'.  That's OK.  It's manageable, a course of antibiotics, some inflammation tablets and a special diet and all should be OK.  Poor Mia, to think I've been putting off taking to get her checked out because I didn't want to hear the worst.  A little bit of TLC and she should be fine, yeah.

And that's my Friday free time almost gone.  While I wait for a pot of rice and some chicken pieces to cook for Mia I thought I'd do a bit of sharing...

A stitchery block I designed a couple of years ago, you may notice I was greatly inspired by Jenny of Elefantz and her curly roses.  This block is special, it's for a much bigger project yet to be put together by some other special friends for a very special friend.


 Here's a couple of finishes from the girls in our 'Craft Your Guts Out' group.

A gorgeous Table Topper, perfect for the dairy farm.

And a stunning single bed quilt for one special little pirate.  The centre piece of the quilt is a  'Smee Design'.  Unfortunately I didn't think to take a close up of all the treasure in the treasure chest...lots of 'jewels' in there, very clever thinking!

Thinking of treasures here's a few of mine...

My very first quilted wall hanging

My beloved Teddy Bears

Lucy was my very first bear, although the joints are a little wobbly she's still one of my favourites.

Will share more another time



Ohhhhh gosh, then a nearly forgot, the lovely Jenny of Elefantz has put a photo of my block 3 from her BOM on her blog, you can check it out HERE.



tamsininamania said...

you are awesome LADY....hope all is right with Mia...catch ya.

Allie said...

I'm so glad Mia will be fine! You know, if they're sick and stay sick, we take them in right away - but when it's just a touch here and there, and they seem fine most of the time, we don't see the need. I know exactly how that goes!

I love your special block, it does look Jenny-inspired. I like the name of your group, lol, and the projects are wonderful - love the pirate quilt! And oh my goodness your bears....the quilt and the real so gorgeous!!!!!!

De said...

So glad your Mia will be ok. Love the teddy wall quilt and your bears!

janelle said...

hi glad to see Mia is going to be ok love that your have your bear wallhanging and bears on to see they are gorgeous and very sneaky with the picture of me the kids thought it was great hopefully see you monday night oh and i LOVE your block for that special secret quilt looks great.