Monday, April 2, 2012

Block 3 DONE!!!

It may seem I've been a little quiet lately, but don't let that fool you.  I've been busy...

I've been sewing a number of things for gifts recently which make it hard for me to share until now (well for a couple of them).

Firstly, a very dear friend of mine, Sheree, celebrated her 40th Birthday.  Over the last few years Sheree has been studying to become a Councillor by correspondence, whilst being mum to her two young kiddies and wife to hubby.  Finally at the beginning of this year her dream came true and she is now qualified.  Sheree is now on a path of starting her own business and I wish her all the success she so deserves.  So with business card in hand I decided I would create a 'one-off' for her...

 Sheree's reaction was golden when I gave it to her, just loves it, almost as much as I enjoyed making it.

Also, my hubbies parents are off on another cruise on Wednesday, so I came up with a couple of goodies for them to take with them...

A couple of Shoe bags and a scented Kashmiri Drop for the suitcases.  Rose Potpourri for her and Sandelwood for him.   I'm sure they'll be much appreciated after 21 days cruising.

I've also completed Block 3 of Jenny's of Elefantz BOM

Looking forward to tomorrow, when block 4 should be available.

Time to put the computer aside as the 'Craft ya guts out' girls are about to arrive for an evening of fun, laughs, chatter and oh, craft of course!!!



De said...

Busy girl!

janelle said...

Love the purple colour of the kashmiri drop looks great

Allie said...

Oh my that Life Stones little quilt is gorgeous...and I love how it's hanging! Love the scented drops too. And you did a lovely job on Jenny's block 3 - yep, you have been busy!!